The Evolution of Liberty

My ideas of liberty have shifted from something concrete to something more theoretical. Liberty is denied to slaves, women, and Indians in the colonies frequently, and this has become the normal. Through chapters 1-4 I have learned that liberty, as I know it was reserved for white men only. They can own land, vote, participate in town meetings, and they hold jobs. In my first blog post I stated; “liberty Is something that I believe should never be questioned and/or taken away from anyone”. Throughout these chapters about Native Americans, slaves, women, and the revolution I have realized that liberty was not always a given things. Immigrants came to America for a new start. When the came here they were often under strict rules. Indentured servants had to work for a set period of time, slaves were forced into labor, and many poor immigrants were deprived of basic liberties.

My definition of liberty has changed form something that should never be taken away from anyone, and that everyone is entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Liberty in early colonial America was a glorified idea. Immigrants came to America with high hopes for a new life, where they could prosper, and start a good lives for their family, unfortunately in early America in order for this to work you had to be a wealthy white man. Slaves had no liberty, indentured servants didn’t have liberty until they had served their debt, and women were void of liberty as well.

These first sections of the book caused me to think about how far our country has come. Society today takes liberty for granted, and like so many others I didn’t consider what liberty was like in the past until we studied it in colonial America.  I am thankful at how many steps we have taken towards liberty, and I hope that we wont take any steps backwards.


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