Liberty through the American Revolution

Liberty is constantly changing. Throughout the first few chapters of American history liberty was considered to be something that was reserved for only the wealthiest and the most powerful in society. These people were only wealthy, land-owning white men. The colonists only started to feel that their liberties were being oppressed when the revolution began to heat up. The British were passing more and more acts to control the colonists, to prove that they still had their power. The colonists began to revolt against these acts, and this only angered the British even more. At this point liberty is no longer something that is taken for granted. Liberty is now being questioned for the first time.  Colonists weren’t allowed to do some of the things that they had used to do. Liberty is something that is now in “high demand”. The colonists revolt against the control of the British. They organize against the British at the Continental Congress. Here they discussed liberty, and freedom, and all of the other things that they believed to be essential to the foundation for their nation. Liberty is now something that should be fought for. In the past liberty was taken for granted. At this point there is a common goal for the colonists. This goal is to gain back the liberty that was taken from them. England began exercising powers over the colonies, and the colonies decided that it was time to prove that they could have powers of their own. Liberty has changed from something that men took for granted to something that was worth fighting for. This isn’t close to my definition of liberty at all. I believe that liberty is something that everyone is entitled to, no matter what race, gender, or social status you are. Liberty is constantly changing. It is being restricted, or widened depending on how the government is conducting their business. I believe that this is only a momentary thing for the colonists. They will have their liberty back soon enough. 


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