Anti-Slavery Arguments and Today’s Social Issues

Surprisingly enough many of the things that applied to American society hundreds of years ago still apply today. The antislavery arguments were the following; slavery was a religious violation, it was inefficient in a free labor society, it violated natural rights, it furthered racial inequality, it was a violation of the constitution, and it was wrong for political reasons (it denied a true democracy). With all of the social problems that we have today it is easy to find a connection between any of these issues from the 1800’s and todays society. For example one of the many arguments against abortion is that it is a religious violation. Catholics believe that life starts at conception, and cite their religious beliefs as a reason to prevent the legality of abortion. Gay marriage can be tied to religious reasons as well. Once again the Catholic Church believes that gay marriage would be harmful to the sanctity of marriage, and their arguments are mainly religious.  In addition to these religious arguments there are also arguments toward free speech. Whenever the 1st Amendment comes into question the first thing people bring up is that if certain civil liberties were taken away they would be deemed unconstitutional.  In today’s society, although we have come a far way there is still the issue of racism and racial inequality. When these issues are brought up one of the most prominent arguments for this is that we should all strive for racial equality. On top of all of these the most common arguments today are political arguments. Social issues today can’t be solved efficiently because politicians cant get along. These political issues that we face today are very different than those during the anti-slavery, but many of the arguments are the same. They are broad enough to last hundreds of years, but yet specific enough to apply to social issues today.