Looking at Liberty Throughout my Life

I grew up in Carrboro, NC, a very liberal town; a town where everyone takes their own personal liberties very seriously. My elementary school was very different than what I have heard from others. We had enough freedom to not feel controlled by our teachers, but they still made sure that they were in control. My 5th grade teacher taught us about liberty and how it is important to all of us. How it is something that we can’t be taken away from us, and it is something that we deserve. One specific time I can remember was in elementary school. I was a tomboy and I wanted to play football with the boys. They were happy to let me play football with them because they knew that I was athletic and they were fine with me playing. One of the teachers told me that I couldn’t play football with them because I was a girl. They said that it wasn’t right for a girl to play football, that it was no place for girls. This may have been an insignificant instance of a teacher simply telling a student what they can and cant do, but at this point it felt like someone was taking my freedom away from me. I wasn’t ok with someone telling me that simply because I was a girl I couldn’t do something. It felt like someone was taking my freedom away from me, in a sense my liberty. Middle school was similar to elementary school, my teachers gave us enough freedom to keep us sane, but aside from that nothing really happened. High school was a different story. My senior year my US History teacher taught us to question authority. If there was anything that we felt was unfair for some reason or another. She approached teaching history in a way that I had never experienced before. Her lessons were very interactive, and they forced us to think about what each lesson meant to us. My history class taught me to see the realities of liberty differently. Liberty is something that can’t be taken away from us. If liberty begins to disappear it is up to us to bring it back. The people are responsible for keeping their own personal freedoms and liberties. Going into college I thought that I had a pretty clear idea of what liberty meat to me. Through studying American history through liberty I discovered that I still had a lot to learn. Liberty is constantly changing in a way that can’t be foreseen. It means something different to everyone, and it is different in each state or country. Through my history class this semester I learned to look at liberty a different way. Now I look at liberty as something that is a determining factor in history. Liberty shapes our world, whether we acknowledge it or not. Through my education my view of liberty has changed, and the way we define liberty has changed with it.